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It's time to FOCUS. 

Truth seekers, the world is in a state of turmoil right now. We are not only fighting for our own futures, but that of our children.

Things changed dramatically the day Covid arrived. We are clearly now 

Fighting For our Freedom. This could go one of two ways, good or bad.

We now find ourselves caught in a biological, information and spiritual warfare. These testing times give us the ultimate opportunity to start preparing for our bright new future.

Humans are evolving.

Our new World is emerging.

We can...and have to do better this time.





Like us, deep down you know things aren't right in the world. you can see it happening, you can sense the pressure, yet many of your friends can't. Many have seemingly been programmed to perceive the world on a totally different frequency. 

Two clear narratives are now fully in play, but who do you believe. The mainstream media or the Podcasters and Alternative Media? We have some very talented people

who have spent 20+ years researching all manner of subjects.

Things are not quite as they may seem.


As the site grows, you'll become more aware of what's really been going on. Some of it is great news for Humanity, but other more sensitive subjects, do require parts of your brain and soul to be put to the test shall we say. #staystrong

Ditch your current social media accounts, leave the low vibration trolls behind and

connect with other like minded people on our new Forum. 

Everything is crumbling, the cracks have been showing for years.

Economies, Governments, Media Giants, Tech Companies, Banks, Education,

Small Businesses, Relationships, there's a lot of serious things going on right now. 


This is our big wake up call.

There is a monumental powershift taking place, moving towards a kinder, happier, more compassionate and understanding world, but we need your help and support to achieve this.

As Freedom Fighters, we must accept others may have different

views and opinions. It's time to put all our differences behind us

and step forwards together in to a positive future paradigm.


Humans are evolving fast, our mission is to present scientific and

evidenced based information, so people can make their own minds up

on what the truth really is.

5G - Ancient Aliens - Cabal - Chemtrails - Disclosure

Forbidden Science - Free Energy

Quantum Holographic Matrix Theory

Science & Tech - Secret Space Program - UFO facts 

There's a lot to be discussed in the quest for the truth.

It's pushing to divide us all. But not if we unite.


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We aim to create a network of open minded, down to earth people who can clearly see

where this is all going horribly wrong. Always Looking For New Volunteers.

Please get in touch. 

New conversations are emerging on a daily basis, helping to piece together the

complicated puzzle that we call life. 

Our journey is to find out who we truly are, why we are here and how to do things much better, preferably before it's too late. This is just the tip of the iceberg!